About me

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Здравей* means 'Hello' in Bulgarian. My name is Dobrian Dobrev and I am based in Sofia, BG.

I've been working in the field of UX Design for the last 5+ years and previously I worked as an Infographic Designer & Information Architect.

I've been a speaker at UX conferences - UXify & UX Sofia to name a few.

I am teaching a course in UX Design for last year BA students at the New Bulgarian University.

I am also writing articles regarding Interaction Design and Information Architecture for prototypr and other digital medias.

What I do

Digital Design

  • User Experience
    • User Research
    • UML Diagramming
    • User Journeys
    • Wireframing
    • Prototyping
  • Web Design
    • UI Design
    • UI Animation
  • Code
    • HTML/Intermedidate/
    • CSS/Intermedidate/
    • Javascript/Beginner/
    • PHP/Beginner/


  • Editorial
    • Infographics
    • Editorial Design
    • Illustration
  • Branding
    • Logo Design
    • Identity

Motion Design

  • Animation
    • Drawn Animation
    • Vector Animation
  • Motion
    • Motion Design
    • Compositing