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Royal Parks Half Marathon Website Redesign


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> UML Diagramming

> UX Design

> Wireframing

> Prototyping


Royal Parks Half Marathon Website Redesign


The Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon takes place each October, starting and finishing in the stunning Hyde Park. Over 16,000 runners take part in the 13.1 mile route through Central London, taking in the spectacular sites of the capital and the beautiful Royal Parks.
They approached for a full redesign. In general the scope is quite vast as 50K+ people register for the actual marathon. Several user-types and quite sophisticated interactions regarding user-management/painless registration funnels/several API implementations/etc. Also - quite a sophisticated and user-friendly backend site of the website. Some numbers for reference: When charity team registration opened the client company managed to sell-out all places just in 3 days in comparison to the 2 weeks it took them last year. All 22K+ places for the Public Ballot were sold-out in less than a day. I was(and still am) in charge of the UX Design/Information Architecture. That means my responsibilities included UML Diagramming(Use-Case diagrams/Sitemaps/User-Flow journeys/Clickflow maps), block wireframing & (high fidelity)prototyping

Project Milestones Breakthrough

  1. Initial meeting & Workshops

    An initial meeting between us and the clients was held. It was followed up by several workshops

  2. Functional Design

    A functional requirement documentation was made. It included use cases, user journey, wireframes, and other specs

  3. Prototyping

    An elaborate clickable prototype was designed

  4. Layout Design

    Once the project has been signed off from UX perspective it was good to go to high-fidelity UI design

  5. Development

    The development and system architecture started in parallel with the design phase


Public Ballot Runners


Mail Triggers



Initial Meeting & Workshops

We were approached by Limelight & Royal Parks Half Foundation to make a complete redesign of their current website. This included a redesign of the frontend website & backedn system, improved funnels & a complete revamp of the team & runner management area. Two main workshops were introduced to finetune each & every detail. The project was then separated in several phases due to the need of specific modules to go live.

Functional Design Phase

I took complete charge of the Functional Design Phase. Based on the client's Business Requirement Documentation - several user-types were drawn & an initial Use-Case per each user-type(actor) was set. After tweaking & updating the Use Cases - a sitemap diagram was ready to emerge to communicate which interactions/use-cases happen where. This later developped into a more sophisticated clickflow map(see image below).

Applying for place in the Public Ballot - User Flow Journey


Once everything was signed-off by our clients - I created a high-fidelity clickable prototype. The prototype communicated clearly all aspects of the website within a corss-platform environment - from applying for a place in the Public Ballot, to registering a team, ordering places, managing runners, etc. Once signed off - the prototype served as a focal point for further layout design & development.