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Party Friends


Bout is the fun way to vote for and explore the best in fashion, design, food and travel. Compare your votes with other bout users and discover new ideas, destinations and products.


The business requirements were tailored into specific Use Cases that were then divided in two different environments - a cross-platform/cross-browser website, and a native application(iOS standalone & Android standalone).
The application allows the user to rate his night; find friends who are nearby, communicate with them, add them to specific friend-groups; set reminders(last bus leaves at.../school sarts tomorrow at.../etc.) to himself, a friend or a friend-group; learn what to do in case of an alcohol/drug related emergency, and see substance-related information.


  1. Engage

    Spread awareness on the negative side of drug and alcohol abuse among the youth

  2. Remind

    Provide an easy tool for party/night-outs related reminders(last bus/school tomorrow/etc.)

  3. Educate

    Provide quick information on what to do in case of a drug/alcohol related emergency

App Clickflow Map

Mobile App prototype