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> Product Design

> UX Design

> Layout Design

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Proznanie is a web-based platform which serves as an online virtual classroom. During my time there I served as the Design Lead and was in charge of Product Design, UX Design, Layout Design, as well as User Research through various interviews and analysis. The team worked within a flexible SCRUM environment so I also had to keep track of tightly adapting the design phase for this agile workflow

Pre-planning phase

  1. User Stories

    User Stories are delivered from the stakeholders via a Product Owner

  2. User Joruneys

    User Journeys are designed and communicated for an initial sign-off

  3. User Interviews

    User interviews are scheduled if available

Join a course and pick your schedule - User/Admin Flow Journey

Design phase

  1. Ideate

    A clickable prototype is designed

  2. Validate

    The prototype is then communicated to users for feedback prior to any functionality being developed

  3. Implement

    After a final sign-off from stakeholders the prototype goes to development phase

  4. Rinse & Repeat

    The whole process can be applied once again

Clickable prototypes

Proznanie homepage - clickable prototype

Join Course Funnel - clickable prototype

Edit Schedules as Admin - clickable prototype

Layout Designs

User Inerviews Analysis