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Company Overview

Since 1866, Deseret Book Company has been the market leader in the publishing, distribution and retailing of faith-based books, music, DVDs, religious art and home décor, and other lifestyle products serving, in particular, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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Team Overview

The development team was co-located in Sofia, Bulgaria & Salt Lake City, Utah. It consisted roughly of two iOS developers, three Android developers, two QAs, and me in charge of the UX phase.

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Deseret Bookshelf App

Search, study, and listen to the entire Deseret Book library with this powerful app. Deseret Bookshelf has been completely redesigned, making it the most comprehensive LDS audiobook player and eBook reader available.

Prototype - iOS

Prototype - Android

Deseret Music App

Deseret Music Application is an app that lets you stream and listen to Deseret Music Collection. You can listen to various artists and tracks, mark them as favorites, set a sleep timer, etc. The app is still being developed.


Deseret Marketplace App

Deseret Marketplace app lets you browse and buy various physical products - from books to jewelry. It also gives you the possibility to track store promotions, add items and locations to your wishlist, etc. The app is still being developed.