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Party Friends


Had a fun night but feel like a zombie the days after? Couldn't do what you planned to do? Feeling down? Late for work again? Skipped classes? Feeling sick? Want to find a balance between enjoying your nights out and still stay healthy? PartyFriends is a website & application for you to monitor you night-out habits and get together with friends


The business requirements were tailored into specific Use Cases that were then divided in two different environments - a cross-platform/cross-browser website, and a native application(iOS standalone & Android standalone).
The application allows the user to rate his night; find friends who are nearby, communicate with them, add them to specific friend-groups; set reminders(last bus leaves at.../school sarts tomorrow at.../etc.) to himself, a friend or a friend-group; learn what to do in case of an alcohol/drug related emergency, and see substance-related information.


  1. Engage

    Spread awareness on the negative side of drug and alcohol abuse among the youth

  2. Remind

    Provide an easy tool for party/night-outs related reminders(last bus/school tomorrow/etc.)

  3. Educate

    Provide quick information on what to do in case of a drug/alcohol related emergency

App Clickflow Map

Mobile App prototype